About me

Since I have been a little girl I was joining orienteering competitions. My family is a classical orienteering- family and all members are regularly running in the forest. In 2013 I got selected for my first international competition, the European Youth Orienteering Championships, and this was the beginning of a specific training for orienteering. From this time on I was spending a lot of time in the forest.


For me the fascination of orienteering is the search for the so-called  flow. This describes the feeling of perfect orienteering, running apparently  effort- and weightless through the forest, finding all controls without the littlest problem and forgetting about the surrounding. There is only the forest, the map, mind and body existing. This is an unbelievable feeling and only very hardly to beat. 


After 2 years in the Junior National Team, to the end of 2017 I was selected for the Swiss National Team and so I made the step forward to the big ones. I'm looking forward to the new challenges!

Birthday 14.03.1997


 studying physiotherapy ZHAW


Severin Howald


raskt tog team ol norska

OLC Omström Sense

TV Oerlikon



Achievements 2018

1st Swiss Sprint O Championships

1st Swiss Relay Championships

Selection for European Championships Ticino

14th Sprint World University Championships Finland


Achievements 2017

2nd Relay Junior World Championship Finland

5th Sprint JWOC Finland

7th Middle JWOC Finland

10th Long JWOC Finland

2nd Sprint Junior European Cup Austria

5th Long JEC Austria

2nd Relay JEC Austria


Achievements 2016

2nd Long JWOC Switzerland

10th Middle JWOC Switzerland

10th Sprint JWOC Switzerland

5th Long JEC Scotland

2nd Relay JEC Scotland

1st Swiss Elite League W20


Achievements 2015

1st Sprint Youth European Orienteering Championship Romania

2nd Sprint JEC Germany

5th Long JEC Germany

1st Sprint Swiss Championship W18