4th - and last?- one

While my orienteering friends experienced some unexpecting (has it really been unexpecting...?) happenings in China at the last World Cup of 2019  (see f.e. Andreas Kyburz or Lucas Basset) also my last time was a bit turbulent.


After the passing months with increasing knee pain we decided to check it with an MRI and after a lot of discussions and thinking we came to the end that there is the necessity for another surgery. The cartilage that has been fixed last year was removing partially and led to an inflammation which affected the kneecap. Therefore my knee underwent the 4th surgery within 14 months and everything that wasn't nailed down was removed. The surgery itself was no problem and the surgeon was satisfied. Unfortunately there have been strong bleedings inside the kneejoint. For this reason I had to go back to the hospital twice for puncturing the joint and now I have to stay here until we know more about the problem. Never had morphine before, quite funny to have "legal" drugs... 😉

About the future in elite sports we really don't know. Me personally I'm convinced that this time everything will work out perfectly and that it will be possible to run and train painfree again and to start for a second career. I'm super motivated and filled with energy for the rehabilitation, the buildup and the training. I don't really know where this strong belief is coming from, never before I experienced this. But I know the situation in which I realised about this feeling: some weeks ago when sitting with my physio and two doctors together and discussing the options, one surgeon told me once again "injuries at the cartilage are very complicated, back to sport is hard and uncertain". Some days later I saw the documentary The Dawn Wall  where a climber accomplished something incredible whereof everybody was thinking it's not possible. And this was the moment where I thought 'Come on. Go for it, give it a try, it's so much more possible than we think'. This reaction is in no case an act of defiance or childish dourness. Really not. I accept my injury and I'm aware of the difficulty about cartilage surgery. It's just hope, optimism and love for orienteering. Someone, whose opinion I hold in very high regard, told me: Limits are just a lack of imagination. True.


In the best case I can start running to the end of the year, until there strength training, cycling, physio etc. I'm on the way! 😊