Forest, track, pool - and rest.

Sprint at Fin5 in Tahko
Sprint at Fin5 in Tahko

Time is passing and at the moment I'm enjoying loooong holidays until I start working again in September. I benefit from the free time and my days are filled with training and other happenings:


- 40weeks after my last surgery I got the official confirmation from my doctor that I'm out of the rehab-process and that the cartilage in my knee is in a very good condition! 🎉 Which means that I can reasonably expand my running and orienteering training for trying to get back to my old shape.


- this led to a little overtrainig with the consequence that the build-up of the runninghours has to wait... my bad 🤦‍♀️ But after some very easy days it's slowly getting better. 💪


- 2x Finland in the last 5 weeks: first for Jukola/ Venla with ol norska, where I was running the first real and important competition since one year and it was so much fun to be back in the scandinavian forest! And now Fin5, 5 competitions in one week, where I have to realize that my shape is far away from where it has been some weeks ago (before too much training...) but the pleasure of running across the forests with a map and compass is coming back!


- Although I could slowly go back to running training, the time in the pool is increasing. In 3 weeks Sofie Bachmann and me will be starting at St. Moritz Triathlon and we would like to not be drowning, so the fear is thrusting us into the water...


- 86 fast laps on the track with TV Oerlikon and a total of around 13h running with this amazing group in the last 8 weeks, excluding some more hours after the training with party or BBQ...😉 


And now I'm preparing for the 4th stage of Fin5 and looking forward to some more days in Finland, 2 trainingcamps in St. Moritz with TV Oerlikon and some orienteering friends and then soon the more serious days are coming back and I'll start working as a physio again!