State of charge: 90%!

a lot of good controls, but not every one was where I was expecting it... ;)
a lot of good controls, but not every one was where I was expecting it... ;)

"I'm back". (At least for 90%.) - How long was I waiting for being able to say those 3 words! And now I can say them 3 months earlier than expected.


Since the last blog entry I could move forward with quantum jumps. At the moment I can run 5-6 times a week which means up to 65k. There are still a lot of cycling trainings and gym-hours included but it's definitely a runners life again! And so I could join the Swiss Orienteering Team for a trainingcamp in Norway last week.

My program was a bit different than the normal one, only 5 o-sessions in the forest and 2 sprints, the week was filled up with biking and strength training. But my knee got along with this load and I was enjoying the runs in the beautiful norwegian forests a lot. It's nice to be back with the Team and to be part of the O-World again!


But there is a lot of work to do. My speed is far away from where I would like it to be and the routine in the forest has a lot of space to improve. For the physical part I decided to join TV Oerlikon, a running group near Winterthur. We are running intervals twice a week and  I guess that this group will help me to get back to my old shape and even further. I still don't like track intervals but I know that they are key sessions and the people from TVO are very welcoming and the atmosphere is great. I'm looking forward to run the first road race for them!


Until now I was only running fast on hard ground, not in forest. This will change the upcoming weekend with the Jukola selectionraces from my orienteering club ol norska. My own goal is to be ready in June for Jukola and to be able to run this relay in full speed. With the Swiss Orienteering Team we discussed that my come back is going to be in September with the selection races for the World Cup in Switzerland. This allows me to have a lot of good trainingsessions during this summer and to pimp my shape so that we can have a serious position-fixing after these races. We will see where it is going to bring me...

I'm ready to train hard and most important, I'm just very happy and thankful that my injury is progressiong that fast! Thank you very much to all people who are supporting me :)