raskt tog in every sense

picture Siri Nyfeler
picture Siri Nyfeler

Long time no news. Because I was thinking, that the time during winter will be quite boring and not a lot of sporty adventures. But how wrong I was!


After around 3 months postop I got the permission to start running on the Alter G, an anti-gravity-treadmill where you can reduce your bodyweight and so there is less impact on the body. Step by step I was able to build up the bodyweight until I reached full weight. This was a big surprise because I was really thinking that I won't be running until spring or summer 2019. But of course I don't want to complain, I was just very happy!


In the end of december I was travelling to Tenerife together with some orienteering friends. My plan was to collect some distance on the road bike and to enjoy some time out of the daily rehab-life at home. Due to the fact that I have already reached full bodyweight on the Alter G, together with my doctor we decided that I could try running outside. Just 3x5min and on a flat road. But o gosh - before the run I was convinced that for sure I won't be crying just because I can restart running, for sure this is great and unbelievable but no, not necessary to cry. Of course I was wrong and as soon as I was back the big smile was turning into tears of pure joy. There I made it to the point I was thinking I will have to wait for so long. This is how happiness is feeling! So I spent the rest of the week together with great people, cycling under the sun, slowly increasing the running and although there have also been some hard times, in the end this was a fantastic time in Tenerife! And so I came back home ready to start the next adventure.


Until April I will be working as a physotherapist in the hospital of Winterthur KSW. This is my first internship where I will be working as a real physio. And it shows me that I was definitely chosing the right profession. My own experiences with my knee are helping me a lot in the interaction with my patients and I'm learning every day from the experienced physios and also learning by doing. Slowly I'm getting used to the working routine and until now all my patients are still living and so far happy with what I'm doing to them ;) ... although I'm already having the reputation of running a tight ship. 


But the real highlight is happening right now. At the moment I'm in Alicante (Spain) with the raskt tog team of my club ol norska. I'm cycling a lot, continuing my strength-rehab-programm and increasing the running. I can already run like 2x15 or 20min+10min always with a walking break inbetween. And this is working perfectly. If I wouldn't know better I couldn't believe that there has been a surgery. I feel like being able to run hours. My friends are doing a lot of orienteering in the sand dunes in the flat coastal forest around our accommodation. And so we thought why not just try it... and so I tried. And so I was standing with a map in my hand in the edge of the forest. Long time ago that I was so nervous... I didn't know if I still know how orienteering is working and if I know what to do out in the forest. But then I just started doing what I'm loving so much. First very carefully and slowly, then with a big smile and an even bigger grin when finding the first control without any problem. Immediately I was getting into the flow and I had to remind me more than once to still take it easy and pay attention, eventhough the knee was absolutely cooperating. The 3x10min of orienteering passed very fast and then I was already back at the accommodation with the first orienteering in my legs after half a year. Since then I was already doing a second orienteering training and I can't believe that I can really do the thing that has been my live for so many years. And the best and most important point is, that I can really feel nothing at all. Not during, not after, never. Now I can't wait to step forward with the rehabilitation programm so that I can build up as soon as possible the running and orienteering!


I'm aware that this generates a lot of astonishment and  suspiciousness. First I was telling everybody that I will be out for at least one year and know I'm already back in the forest after 5 months. Yes this sounds confusing and honestly I cannot explain why this is happening right now. Neither I kown how it will continue and when I will be able to start real running training again. But everything will be discussed with my doctor an physio and I can feel that my knee is working very well and so I'm just very happy about the progress and I'm looking forward for the next steps!