My little Mount Everest

The view from the mountain will be breathtaking!
The view from the mountain will be breathtaking!

So, there we are. At the foot of my mountain, which I have to and I want to climb the following year. On tuesday, the hike to the summit is going to start.


Since 2 months now I know about the damaged cartilage in my knee and since then I'm looking forward to the last operation. Where the way up to my little  Mount Everest is starting. At the moment, I'm just packing my bag. I'm putting everything inside, that I could need during my long climb. Some of the material: minibands, a gymnastic ball, a fitness mat, orienteering maps, a lot of confidence and motivation, power and endurance.

On tuesday, I will start hiking. The first part is quite flat and not very exhausting. I will stay in hospital for some days, time to catch up with the university stuff, to do some  orienteering- visualizationtraining, to read and think and, most important and most difficult part, to do nothing.

But with the time, the road will run into a path, the terrain will get steeper and stony. Sometimes there will be a ridge, where I have to pay attention not to fall down and where I really must have my goal in sight. The more I climb, the thinner the air will be. It can be hard to breathe and maybe, sometimes I would like to turn around and stop that hike. But as I know that I have to put in some effort for reaching the summit, I will continue. And I will gain height, I will climb higher and higher. I would like to sit out every blizzard, I would like to avoid every snowslide and I would like to always keep the summit cross in my mind. And with this attitude and power, after one year of climb, I will hopefully reach the summit of my mountain. And I will reach it with a big smile!


Those phrases might seem to be a bit idealistic, a bit blue-eyed. But this is my way of handling the situation and I'm aware, that a hike up to a summit in 8848m over sea-level can be very difficult, very steep and that there are a lot of risks. Until now I was sure that I will deal with the situation but slowly I'm getting nervous. Not because of the operation itself but because of the time afterwards. Will I really be able to give a comeback? Is my knee going to heal in the way we wish for? Will I be running in a year? Can I go back to the forest and looking for the flow? Nobody has an answer and nobody can tell us, how the following year will proceed. This means that there is only one solution: try it. And maybe I cannot avoid every avalanche. But I'm confident that I will manage to climb up again and to find the way back to my route. And therefore I keep believing in my mountain-story, I'm putting the last things into my bag and then I will be set out for the mountain.


But, almost more important than my own work, is my surrounding. Because this is the spring of water, that will keep me going when my bottle is empty during my hike. So I would like to thank all the people around me, my sponsors, which will still support me, duchein ag, Sporthilfe Schweiz and Fritz-Gerber-Stifung, and especially my doctor who is doing such a great job so far! And a very big thank you goes to the raskt tog team of ol norska. During the last weeks they sent me so much energy and good words and I can feel, that they are really standing in my back. There are some people in the team, I know that they will catch me when I'm missing a step and slipping backwards. Only a short time after the first operation I met the team at a competition and immediately felt secure and home, they gave me the last bit of believe, that I will handle the most difficult challenge so far and that I will successfully climb this mountain. For me it's no discussion to be back in the forest as soon as possible and to represent the white-orange-black colors.


Thanks to everyone and let's start the trip. I'm looking forward to it!